How Fortune selects Most Powerful Women

August 1, 2008, 8:48 PM UTC

We rank corporate women in for-profit businesses only, and rankings are based on four criteria: the size and importance of the business in the global economy, the health and direction of the business, the arc of her career, and her social and cultural relevance.

Please send a complete description of the candidate’s career and bio. Include any corporate boards or boards of other influential organizations she serves on. If the woman is not a CEO, include her title, the name of the executive she reports to, her responsibilities, and how many employees she oversees.

Please also include the company’s annual revenue and net income as of the most recent annual report. If the candidate is the head of or senior executive in a division, include the division’s annual revenue and operating income as well.

Email submissions by August 18 to jshambora at with “MPWomen submission” in the subject line. The 2008 MPWomen issue will be released September 29.