Myspace Case

October 11, 2007, 5:59 PM UTC


Yesterday, Techcrunch had a scoop: That Myspace was at long last following Facebook’s lead, and creating an open platform for developers. Mike Arrington cited “information that suggests” the company could well unveil its platform at the Web 2.0 Summit next week.

Today, Valleywag pooh-poohed the story, quoting a “source close to the company.”

Last night, I bumped into a pal who does a significant amount of third-party apps work for a variety of social networks, and he confirmed the VW take. (And if ths isn’t the laziest, most third-hand reporting I’ve ever done, I don’t know what is. God blogging is fun.)

According to my friend, who spoke his connection at Myspace: Myspace was fielding calls all day from excited developers yesterday, and telling them the same thing: Sorry folks, nothing new to report here. While Myspace is continuing to say it will open up its network and share the bounty with apps makers, no deal is imminent, and no timetable has been posted. Instead, the company will be unveiling a “directory of apps”–essentially a PR move to show Joe Myspace that Myspace has a bunch of nifty programs for users to use, too.