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The CEO of a skincare startup shares the weekly workout routine that helps him manage stress and unplug

May 13, 2023, 8:30 AM UTC
Heyday founder and CEO Adam Ross.
Courtesy of Heyday

In our CEO wellness series, we ask executives about their day-to-day habits to gain insight into the tactics they use to minimize stress and maintain their well-being.

Adam Ross is the CEO and co-founder of Heyday, the leading skincare services brand that offers 50-minute personalized facials, progressive products and professional guidance. In 2015, Ross launched the first shop in Manhattan’s NoHo neighborhood, and now Heyday is the fastest-growing skincare services brand in the U.S., with over 10 company-owned and franchise locations across the country.

Coffee or tea? And what do you put in it? 
In the morning, two cups of Bulletproof coffee with oat milk. It’s the best way to start the day.

What is your go-to breakfast?
A shake with banana, frozen blueberries, some protein and almond milk. And a slice of toast with almond butter. 

Tell us about your workout routine. 
I do a combination of weights, cardio and stretching. I work out 6 days per week and usually do a long walk on Sunday, which is technically my day off. Over time I’ve realized, like skincare, more isn’t necessarily better, when it comes to working out.

How many hours do you sleep on a typical night? 
7 hours. I’ve been making a conscious effort to sleep more. I use the Oura ring, which I love and really helps me stay on track. I also read Mathew Walker’s Book Why We Sleep, which I found profound. We all know more sleep is better, but this book really drove that home for me and provides a number of useful tips and tricks to help make this happen.

How do you de-stress? 
Exercise—it’s cathartic for me.

According to your phone, what’s your daily average screen time from last week? 
2 hr 26 mins. I’m really trying to lower my screen time— if you got me a few months back this would have been up at least an hour per day.

What app do you use the most? 
Slack. Our team is on it—it’s far more efficient versus lengthier emails. Used the right way, Slack respects people’s time and gets to the point.

When’s the last time you took a day off? What did you do? 
Last week. Morning coffee, then went for a run. I then had breakfast and met some friends for a hike just out of Austin. It took us a few hours. Followed that with an afternoon of reading, cooked an early dinner (pasta and chicken), a little more reading and then bed. It was bliss. I had my phone with me in case of an emergency, but it was otherwise off. For me, that really helps to unplug and be present. 

What’s one thing your company is doing to prioritize employee wellness? 
A few things: we have blocks in the evening so work doesn’t bleed into the night. We have some no meeting/Zoom days, and also provide unlimited time off. We treat our time like adults and focus on the impact/results of their work, not how busy they are.

What’s your favorite treat? 
Donuts. Fresh cinnamon donuts, hot off the press.

What’s your favorite wellness product?
My Scosche heart rate monitor. I love data, and this lets me measure all that I do, from the Peloton bike, to running, rowing, and more. I’d now be lost without it.

Show us a photo of your happy place.

Courtesy of Adam Ross
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