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Two Wisconsin gas stations are suing a competitor for its low fuel prices

March 21, 2022, 3:28 PM UTC

While most people are focused on the escalating price at the pump, two gas stations in Wisconsin are suing a competitor that they say is selling gas too cheap.

A Shell and BP gas station in Waukesha, Wis., have filed suit against a local grocery chain, Woodman’s, saying the company has illegally outpriced them, and violated the state’s Unfair Sales Act, which prohibits companies from selling goods below cost.

They’re seeking damages of $80,000 each.

As of Monday morning, Google Maps shows Woodman’s selling gas at $3.60 per gallon, while the Shell and BP locations are charging $3.86 and $3.80 per gallon, respectively.

Woodman’s says it is allowed to sell prices at that rate, due to an exemption from the Unfair Sales Act, requiring the company to notify the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection of the price drop, which allows them to match a competitor’s prices.

That competitor would be Costco, which is located about 6.5 miles from the grocer.

Nationwide, the average gallon of gas is selling for $4.25, according to AAA on Monday. Wisconsin’s average is $3.91, and Waukesha County averages $3.88.

On average, the national price per gallon has jumped roughly 75 cents in the past month, largely in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent disruption of the global oil market. While it has eased up some in recent days, many experts say they still expect gas to top $5 per gallon before the conflict is over—and $6 has also been suggested as a real possibility.

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