Seven states including California, Florida and Georgia are sending out stimulus checks this month

The days of $1,400 checks coming from the IRS are over, but a handful of states are still planning to provide stimulus to at least some of their populations.

Legislation has passed in Maine, California, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee to send checks to various groups, including teachers and low-income families. You’ll need to have filed your 2020 tax return already, in most cases, and meet eligibility requirements, but here’s a look at who can expect a little financial assistance from the state.


Residents who made less than $75,000 in 2020 will receive another round of $1,100 checks from the state. In addition to having filed taxes, you’ll also need to have lived in California for at least half of last year.


The Sunshine State will sent a payment of up to $1,000 this month to first responders and educators, including teachers and principals.


Like Florida, Georgia will give teachers and principals a $1,000 stimulus bonus to thank them for their work in 2020.


Maine’s holiday stimulus is the smallest, but every little bit helps. The state is sending $285 Disaster Relief checks to people who meet income threshold requirements. For married couples filing jointly (as well as widows or widowers), that’s $150,000. Head of household filers have a $112,500 ceiling. And single or married filing separately people have a $75,000 cap.


Individuals will receive $300 and families will get $500, via the Maryland Relief Act of 2021. Income thresholds apply here as well.


It’s not just teachers in Michigan. Any child-care professional who works full-time is eligible for $1,000. Licensed providers can apply to the state directly and will pass the bonuses on to their employees.


Both full- and part-time teachers and educators will benefit from Tennessee’s hazard pay bonuses. Full-timers will see $1,000 and part-timers will get $500. Checks should arrive by Jan. 1.

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