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Staple workwear pieces you need in your wardrobe

November 20, 2021, 2:00 PM UTC
The new workwear wardrobe for home and office.
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Not everyone has time to shop around and look for the newest items on the market that could appeal to the loved ones and colleagues on their gift-giving lists. (Or for themselves, because let’s be honest, we look at holiday gift guides and deals for ourselves just as much as for others.)

Here is a list of suggestions for the wishlist of the people who want to go back to the office and dress up for it.

M.M. LaFleur French Terry Pullover and Pants

Courtesy of M.M Lafleur

A lot has changed in the world of workwear during the past year and a half. M.M.LaFleur, which produces luxury workwear at more attainable prices, says it is using this moment as a blank canvas of sorts, embracing new beginnings and taking a fresh approach to styling with more emphasis on comfort—a must for people continuing to work from home as the Delta variant has become the dominant strain of COVID. This French terry pullover (with matching pants) is a dreamy daily WFH uniform, perfect for Zoom calls, errands, or lounging when the day is done. Suggested retail price: $125 each for the “Kristin” pullover and “Joni” joggers

AYR ‘Sizzle’ Pants

During the pandemic, many of us gave up “hard pants.” (See: jeans.) But a curious trend started to emerge after a few months: some people wanted to get dressed up while WFH, regardless if they saw anyone, because it reinstalled a separation of the workday and helped them maintain some semblance of professional decorum. A happy medium would be the “Sizzle” pants from AYR, a brand that epitomizes classic and cool French fashion staples. The fabric (a blend of cotton, elastane, and polyamide) was originally formulated for competitive horseback riding. It offers stretch recovery and it doesn’t wrinkle. SRP: $225

Faherty Brand ‘Whitewater’ Sweatpants

Behold, the sweatpants that look like real pants. Technically joggers, the multicolor moulinex knit prints elevate the laid back look a bit, perfect for working from home, a coffeehouse meeting, or Casual Friday back in the office. Machine-washable, the pants offer a relaxed fit, drawcord waist, and ribbed ankle cuffs. SRP: $128

Fresh Clean Tees ‘Cali’ Pullover

Subscriptions for clothing aren’t completely new, but getting the basics by the pack on a scheduled basis can be a real game-changer. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Matthew and Melissa Parvis out of their San Diego guest bedroom in 2015, Fresh Clean Tees offers not just high-quality, fitted tees by the pack for men, but also henleys, long sleeves, and socks. SRP: $32

d.RT ‘Cannen’ Blazer

This patent pending adjustable blazer is made for fashion-forward men on-the-go. Made from a blend of elastane, viscose, and polyester, it sports an adjustable sleeve that gives an additional inch of length and it’s wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable. SRP: $225

Stutterheim ‘Stockholm’ Raincoat

Courtesy of Stutterheim

Stutterheim’s tagline is “Swedish melancholy at its driest,” but we would not be the first to say also at its finest. In fact, there might not be a better raincoat in the world than this raincoat, named for Sweden’s capital city. With unisex sizing and waterproof from head to nearly toe (depending on your heigh—there is also long version), the “Stockholm” raincoat is the epitome of minimalist-meets-functional Scandinavian design. Forget the trench coat: this should be your go-to top layer to protect any suit in wet weather. SRP: $295

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