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Dogecoin Axe body spray is real—and the Internet is exploding

July 19, 2021, 9:19 PM UTC

Way back on Doge Day, Axe, the company behind the well-known body spray, jumped into the fray, vowing to make a “crypto scented” body spray if Dogecoin hit $1.

That milestone, of course, never happened. In fact, the crypto plunged that day. And most people forgot about the tweet—but not the marketing team at Axe.

Starting Tuesday, even though Dogecoin currently stands in the 17-cent range and can’t see $1 without a telescope and a vivid imagination, Axe will begin giving away cans of Axe Dogecan—described as a “48-hour crypto scent with a dank musk.”

The cans will be free, but they’re limited. Knowing the enthusiasm of the Dogecoin army, they’re likely to go fast. If you want to try to land one, registration will begin on Tuesday, July 20, at 10:00 a.m. ET at this website.

“We’re going to the moon,” the company said in a statement sent out with sample cans. (No, Fortune didn’t get one.) “In this can, you’ll find the crypto-confidence you need to get there. This isn’t a scent to stop and celebrate how far the Doge Army has come. It’s the scent to rocket all the way there. So strap in.”

Dogecoin, a favorite crypto of Elon Musk, has had quite a ride since Doge Day—April 20. It ended that day down to 33 cents, but a little over two weeks later it had rocketed to 72 cents—and the $1 mark seemed within reach. Then the bottom fell out.

There were a few micro rallies, but Doge has largely been in free fall ever since, tumbling another 5% on Monday.

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