Comfortable work-from-home clothes you can still wear when you’re back in the office

Avantguard’s Park Lane Aerosilver luxe mask; Apiece Apart Olimpio sweatshirt and joggers; Sleeper unisex coal-black linen pajama set with shorts; M.M.LaFleur washable silk Orchard skirt.
Courtesy of Avantgaurd, Apiece Apart, Sleeper, and M.M.LaFleur

Athleisure and loungewear were the wardrobe staples of the pandemic. And while many people might be excited for opportunities to dress up again, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to go back to restrictive, stuffy attire if and when they return to the workplace.

Designers and retailers have recognized that working from home could spell a long-term shift in workwear, at least for the next few years.

With that in mind, here is a capsule collection of clothes that work well both for WFH and for the office.

ADAY: In the midst of the pandemic, ADAY, which prides itself on producing seasonless apparel, has created a new Tailored Sweats collection. It contains new pieces made of the brand’s proprietary Tailored Stretch fabric, which is ideal for work-from-home attire that bleeds into weekend activities. These pieces are casual, but still polished and effortless. (Read: no frumpy sweatpants.) The new pant styles hit the sweet spot of comfort, polish, and easy living, given that the fabric is stretchable, comfortable, and sports a matte finish. Suggested retail price: $165 for the Turn It Around pant.

Apiece Apart: Sweatshirts might automatically bring to mind startup bros in hoodies, but not all sweatshirts are cut from the same cloth. Although it is listed as a sweatshirt, the Olimpio looks as professional as they come, with a rounded neckline and balloon sleeve detailing. But it’s still comfortable all day long thanks to a relaxed fit and 100% cotton fabric. SRP: $195 for the Olimpio sweatshirt; $195 for the matching joggers.

Asket: There might not be a more versatile piece of clothing for comfort at home and in professional settings than a cashmere sweater. Whether it be short-sleeved or a cardigan or a crewneck, for both men and women it’s a classic piece that goes with and elevates just about everything. Stockholm-based retailer Asket touts cashmere sweaters that are “as soft on the planet as it is on your skin”; they are made of 97% recycled and mechanically dyed cashmere. SRP: $215 for the men’s cashmere sweater.

Avantguard: Just because many workers will be returning to the office doesn’t mean they should toss the face masks. The guidance is clear that we should continue to wear masks in public settings for months to come. While where exactly one needs to wear a face mask within an office will vary from business to business, it’s good to have a comfortable and breathable one at hand all day. The Avantguard mask is made of an electrostatic antiviral material that traps particles even at a lower nominal filtration rates, while offering breathability that allows the mask to be worn comfortably and safely for hours on end. The company’s masks are also supersoft on your skin and look much more distinguished than your average cloth mask. SRP: $50 for the Park Lane Aerosilver luxe mask and Aerosilver carry pouch.

Barefoot Dreams: There might not be a softer sweater on the market than those made by Barefoot Dreams. The cult favorite makes ultra-cozy sweaters, blankets, scarves, you name it for men, women, and children, inspiring the Danish feeling of hygge year-round, even if you’re in a beach house in California. SRP: $130 for the CozyChic shawl collar pullover for men.

Hatch: A favorite of celebrity moms-to-be from Natalie Portman to Amy Schumer to the Duchess of Sussex, Hatch elevates maternity wear for work, home, and travel more than most brands ever have. But Hatch has caught more fans and shoppers given how versatile its designs are, and many women who are not pregnant have also gravitated toward the brand. An especially good choice for cold offices: the Airplane Cardigan, a slouchy, simple, yet sophisticated roomy cardigan that includes pockets and also doubles as a light blanket. SRP: $398.

M.M.LaFleur: The luxury workwear brand dubbed its recently launched spring collection “Mentally, I’m Here.” The clothes in the collection were designed to be ready for our “mental passports”—essentially scratching an itch until we can all head back on real-life vacations. At the center of the collection is a new category that the company is labeling “power casual,” which translates to hybrid apparel meant to be comfortable and functional, to be dressed up or down. SRP: $225 for the washable silk Orchard skirt.

Quince: Speaking of cashmere, while the wool is typically used to make sweaters and scarves, some retailers are expanding the possibilities—including for sweatpants. Now, sweatpants at work? Pre-pandemic, a no-no. But hear us out: Quince’s cashmere joggers in black and navy are made from 100% grade-A Mongolian cashmere with the perfect tapered-yet-comfortable fit and medium-weight knit. These might not work for every office, but if yours has casual Fridays, these could be a winner. SRP: $100.

Sleeper: These aren’t your average pajamas. At first glance, Sleeper’s collection of pajamas for men and women could easily satisfy dress codes from beach casual to cocktail party. The unisex options are designed with a unique cut and versatile style meant to complement all forms, irrespective of gender. SRP: $220 for the unisex coal-black linen pajama set with shorts.

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