U.S. Productivity Falls for First Time in Nearly 4 Years

November 6, 2019, 1:53 PM UTC
Tim Boyle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

American workers were less efficient in the July-September quarter, pushing down productivity for the first time since late 2015.

The Labor Department said Wednesday that productivity, a measure of economic output for each hour worked, fell 0.3% in the third quarter. The drop comes after two quarters of healthy gains.

Still, productivity has increased just 1.4% in the past year, about two-thirds of its long-run average. Weak productivity growth has been a hallmark of the current economic expansion, now in its 11th year. It is a key reason the overall economy has expanded more slowly than in previous expansions.

Greater productivity is a key ingredient in raising living standards. It enables companies to lift worker pay without raising prices on customers.

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