Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Are Developing a New Cannabis Brand With Canopy Growth

March 27, 2019, 12:26 PM UTC

Actor, writer, and producer Seth Rogen has teamed up with his long-time partner Evan Goldberg on a new cannabis company.

Dubbed Houseplant, the marijuana company is being developed in partnership with Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth. In a statement, Rogen and Goldberg said that Houseplant cannabis was developed after years of research and its first strain, called Houseplant Sativa, will launch in April. The company is planning Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica marijuana strains later this year.

“Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience, and respect we have for cannabis,” Rogen said in a statement.

Rogen and Goldberg made names for themselves in the film industry. Marijuana has featured prominently in many of their films, most notably Pineapple Express. Rogen has been an outspoken marijuana supporter and has publicly celebrated Canada’s decision last year to legalize marijuana on a federal level.

Since then, Canada has become a hotbed of marijuana business activity, with plenty of investment dollars being funneled into its nascent marijuana industry.

Canopy Growth, which will partner with Houseplant on the new products, is headquartered in Canada and operates across 12 countries. In a statement, Canopy Growth said that it’s been working with Houseplant for nearly two years to help it develop its products and will provide production and distribution services to Rogen and Goldberg’s company. Canopy Growth also owns a minority stake in Houseplant.