6 Products to Get You Ready for Game of Thrones’ April 14 Debut

March 25, 2019, 7:13 PM UTC

Temperatures around the United States might be rising, but “winter is coming” in the form of the next season of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

A lot has happened across the series’ seven seasons and 67 episodes, and a lot of Game of Thrones products have hit stores since the show’s early days. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Game of Thrones Whisky

Last year, Diageo launched a line of single malt whiskies inspired by the series. Each bottle was named after a different house from the show and is made by a different distillery or “house” under the Diageo umbrella. For instance, House Lannister is represented by a 9-year-old whisky from Lagavulin, while House Stark is represented by a bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost. Johnnie Walker also unveiled a new White Walker whisky that reveals an “icy” design on the bottle when chilled.

2. Game of Thrones Wine

If whisky isn’t your thing, there’s also a line of Game of Thrones-inspired wine out there. The Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Red Wine blend hail from California and Oregon and are each priced around $20 a bottle.

3. Lannister Wine Glass

Drink like a Lannister with this Game of Thrones-inspired wine glass printed with the phrase “I Drink and I Know Things” from the series. This set also comes with a matching pint glass in case you’d like to share the glory with another houseguest.

4. Jon Snow Cutting Board

Dazzle dinner party guests at your Game of Thrones watch party with this “Dinner is Coming” cutting board, complete with the face of Jon Snow on top. The handmade cutting board is made by an artist in Russia and sold on Etsy.

5. House Targaryen Mini Backpack

Show your support for the mother of dragons with this backpack made exclusively for BoxLunch. The backpack has a textured three-headed dragon on it and has two skippered compartments, a zippered internal pocket, and a printed lining. On the back, the Targaryen motto, Fire and Blood, is printed in silver foil.

6. Game of Thrones Monopoly

What better way to start or end your Game of Thrones Watch party than with a Game of Thrones-inspired game. Game of Thrones Monopoly allows you to buy, sell, and trade locations from the seven kingdoms. The game has Game of Thrones-themed money and graphics as well as holfasts and castles in the place of houses and hotels from the popular game. If Monopoly isn’t your thing, there’s also a Game of Thrones-themed version of Risk and Clue.

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