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What Is Open (and Closed) on Presidents Day 2019

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday that was originally created to honor the nation’s first president, George Washington. The day, which now honors all U.S. presidents, happens every third Monday in February.

Because Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday, generally speaking, schools are not open on Monday, and neither are many government institutions. But plenty of stores sure are; it’s a huge sale day for consumer retail. Trash pickup in your area may also be impacted by Presidents’ Day and running on an alternate schedule.

Here’s what is open and closed on Presidents’ Day 2019:

Are FedEx and UPS packages or mail delivered on Presidents Day?

The United States Postal Service, like other nonessential government agencies and public schools, is not open on Presidents’ Day. That means there is no USPS mail delivery on Monday.

Delivery options vary with other shipping services. FedEx operates most of its delivery services on Presidents’ Day, including FedEx Ground and Home Delivery. Check here to see if your preferred service options will be available Monday. UPS does not observe Presidents’ Day, which means UPS will make deliveries on Monday.

Is the stock market open on Presidents Day?

Financial and bond markets, including Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, are closed on Monday.

Are banks open on Presidents Day?

Most banks are closed on Monday, though TD Bank branches are open normal business hours. All ATMs will still work, of course, if you happen to need cash.

What is open on Presidents Day?

While federal agencies are closed on Monday, stores sure aren’t. Presidents’ Day sales are notorious for good deals offered to wise shoppers that venture out (especially if they have the day off from work, too). So if you’re in the market to buy a new car or get a deal on new furniture, see whether your favorite retailers, including auto dealers, have a Presidents’ Day sale offer.