Hasbro Is Launching a Lie Detector Party Game and Ghost-Busting Robot

February 15, 2019, 7:35 PM UTC

Think you’re a better liar than your friends? Hasbro is launching a game this summer to help you prove it.

The company is showing off the $35 game this week at the New York Toy Fair. Set to hit store shelves in August, the game uses voice analysis to determine whether someone is lying. In the box you’ll get a lie detector device and 64 cards with questions to answer as part of the gameplay, CNET reports.

If you tell the truth, or the device at least thinks you did, then you score a point. Lying loses you a point.

The game is expected to launch on August 1.

The Lie Detector game isn’t the only interesting new toy the brand is showing off at this year’s Toy Fair. Another toy making headlines today: a Ghostbusters and Transformers mashup, i09 reports.

Called Ecotron, the toy looks like the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle from Ghostbusters. It can transform from that vehicle into a ghost-busting robot. The device comes with its own proton pack and paranormal activity-detecting goggles. It also comes with a transparent slider toy for, you know, ghostbusting.

That toy will be available in June for $40, exclusively at GameStop. You can also pre-order it now.