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Trump Installed a $50,000 Golf Simulator at the White House

As an avid golfer, President Donald Trump has hit the links no less than 139 times in just over two years in office. But for those days he can’t get in a few holes, he now has a room-sized golf simulator in the White House at his disposal.

The Washington Post reports the simulator was installed in the last few weeks in Trump’s residential quarters. He paid the $50,000 cost. It replaces an “older, less sophisticated” system used by President Obama, also a golf fan.

The simulator allows Trump to play virtual rounds at courses around the world by hitting a ball into a video screen.

The report of the golf simulator comes after Axios analyzed three months of Trump’s schedule, finding that 60% of it is comprised of “executive time,” in which he has no scheduled meetings. The time is reportedly spent watching TV, tweeting, or speaking to people on the phone or in person.

Now Trump can spend some of his down time golfing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., although The Post reports he hasn’t yet used the simulator.