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Harrison Ford Says Trump and Other Leaders Denying Climate Change Are on the ‘Wrong Side of History’

Harrison Ford had harsh words and a plea for politicians on Tuesday on the subject of climate change, the Associated Press reported.

The 76-year-old actor—often associated with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie franchises—is a long-time environmental activist.

In a speech during the close of the World Government Summit in Dubai, Ford said, “Around the world, elements of leadership—including in my own country—to preserve their state and the status quo, deny or denigrate science.” He added: “They are on the wrong side of history.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly mocked the concept of climate change and the science behind it.

It wouldn’t be the first time Ford dismissed Trump. In 2015, Trump had praised the actor for his role in the movie Air Force One. Ford responded in an interview, “It’s a movie. Donald, it was a movie,” according to The Hill.

“It’s not like this in real life,” he added then. “But how would you know?

In the Dubai speech, Ford called on governments to use “sound science” to face “the greatest moral crisis of our time.”

In a CNN interview scheduled for broadcast on Wednesday, Ford said, ” “I don’t know what the answer to it is, but the start of the answer is to elect people who believe in science. This current government is bent on dismantling all of the gains we’ve made in the protection of the environment, in human health.”