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‘Saturday Night Live’ Pokes Fun at the Jeff Bezos Selfie Scandal

SNL Bezos ScandalSNL Bezos Scandal

The cold open on this week’s Saturday Night Live centered on Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos and his “selfie scandal,” referring to accusations that The National Enquirer threatened to blackmail Bezos and publish racy photos of him and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

The sketch opens by parodying NBC’s Meet The Press with Chuck Todd, portrayed by Kyle Mooney, introducing a panel of “highly respected” journalists to discuss in detail what the photos allegedly feature.

“I know normally high-minded journalists wouldn’t talk about something like this, but it does involve the richest man in America and the president of the United States,” says Mooney as Todd, as the panel of journalists look dumfounded.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson, played by Kenan Thompson, admits he’d never cover a topic like this but “as a human being, I’m naturally curious” and then took it a step further by predicting size while referring to Amazon’s popular Echo and Dot.

At one point, Donna Brazile, played by Leslie Jones, expresses disbelief, asking: “What is happening right now?”

Todd then asks Robinson what the scandal says about America at the moment with Robinson calling the situation “disgraceful” and a “clear violation of someone’s privacy,” but admitting quickly that he will look at the photos if they are released.

“I’ll make them into hilarious memes and I’ll send them to all my friends,” he said.

Todd zeroes in on the media’s response to the scandal, looking for headlines that posses a “mature, adult manner” as he holds up the New York Post: “Bezos Exposes Pecker.” Robinson suggests an alternate headline: “Your Amazon Package Is On Its Way.”

Watch the SNL cold open below.