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‘Teleprompter Problems?’ Trump’s Prayer Breakfast Gaffe Claims Faith Community Abolished Civil Rights

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., on Thursday, President Trump reiterated previously-heard messages supporting faith and religious liberties in the U.S.

But there’s one message that slipped into his speech that may not have been intended at all.

Pointing to the leadership of “people of faith” in some of the most important moments in American history, Trump appeared to suggest that they also had a hand in the “abolition of civil rights.”

“Since the founding of our nation,” Trump said, “many of our greatest strides, from gaining our independence to abolition of civil rights, to extending the vote for women, have been led by people of faith and started in prayer.”

It is unclear whether the error was made by Trump himself or the result of a teleprompter issue, but Twitter users immediately began to take notice.

Every commander in chief since President Dwight Eisenhower has attended the breakfast, which began in 1953. Attendees typically include members of Congress and foreign dignitaries. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in attendance at Thursday’s breakfast, among others.