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Tinder-Inspired GetPet App Helps You Find the Perfect Canine Companion

If you’re looking for a new dog and just can’t seem to find the right fit, a new app hopes to help you do that.

Dubbed GetPet, the app takes some cues from dating app Tinder to help you find the right dog. After downloading it to your smartphone, the app shows you pictures of dogs that are available for adoption, as well as information about them, including temperament and other key details. If the pet sounds like a perfect fit, you can swipe right and start the process of adoption. If not, you can swipe left and keep looking. The GetPet app could add cats and other animals over time.

The app, which was earlier reported on by the Associated Press, launched last month. It’s part of a growing number of apps that aim at helping people find connections with their pets. Some, like BarkBuddy, similarly help you find a pet. Another, called Dig, is a human dating app that connects pet lovers.

GetPet aims at simplifying the process of finding a new pet by using Tinder’s swiping functionality. But while Tinder allows both people to swipe and form a mutual connection, dogs aren’t so lucky in the GetPet app. So, here’s hoping that the people looking for a new canine companion make the right choice to benefit the dogs.