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Elon Musk Has a Bizarre Plan for Protecting Teslas, and of Course It Involves ‘Rick and Morty’

Sometimes it’s easy to think Elon Musk is just pulling a fast one on his Twitter followers with a zany new idea, such as a tunneling venture called The Boring Company. And then Musk goes and actually digs a test tunnel under a stretch of the greater Los Angeles area.

In a tweet last week, Musk said all Tesla vehicles with enhanced autopilot will soon receive an update called “Tesla Sentry Mode,” acting as a 360-degree watchdog while they’re away from their pricey electric vehicles. Musk said a rough beta will be available in February.

But in typical Musk fashion, he took to Twitter over the weekend to elaborate some more about some possible additional features packed into Sentry Mode.

During a robbery, he said Sentry Mode will play the sinister sounding “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach. While it might not scare would-be thieves away, it could at least provide the perfect soundtrack for a heist.

Musk added a “Rick and Morty” reference about keeping Summer safe. During one episode of the cartoon, a smart car is instructed to “keep Summer safe.” Sentry Mode may also achieve that goal by sometimes switching it up and playing the metal version of Bach’s composition, he said.

The Sentry Mode soundtrack could potentially just be Musk having some fun with his 24 million Twitter followers. But considering Musk has a track record of making jokes on Twitter and then finding a way to make them a reality, it’s feasible these features could become a reality.

A Tesla representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment, so the world might have to wait a bit longer to find out whether Elon is just having another laugh.