Chicago Thieves Are Stealing Thousand-Dollar Canada Goose Coats In Below Zero Weather

January 25, 2019, 9:17 PM UTC

Chicago police are on an official Canada Goose chase.

In the last two weeks, as weather has dipped as low as -30 degrees with wind chill, the Chicago Tribune reports that the city has fallen victim to a Canada Goose coat stealing spree. There have been multiple accounts of thieves specifically targeting and stripping people of their $495 to $1695 power parkas—and, according to the Tribune, at least one fake—during which a 54-year-old man was punched in the face and a 23-year-old male victim was robbed at gunpoint.

“You can’t really have anything nice anymore,” Marty Rodriguez told a Chicago NBC affiliate, which reported that six people were robbed over three days in three different neighborhoods. Some assailants allegedly drove up to their victims in a white Mercedes, and others emerged from an Audi that was later found in an alley.

The Toronto-based brand claims to keep people warm in -13 degree weather—and even added a 5 degree dressing room/freezer into its Montreal store to prove it. The coveted brand has appealed to consumers, thieves, and investors alike.

In March 2017, Canada Goose went public in the United States and Canada, where it had a higher price-to-earnings ratio than any other luxury brand. Although its shares have fluctuated recently as the company begins its expansion in Asia.

CBS Chicago reports that people who own the expensive outerwear have reconsidered going outside in it for fear of robbery. Some locals suggested taking the coveted Canada Goose tag off of the high-end jacket, as it would still shield wearers from the below freezing temperature, others balked at the thought.

“Hell no I paid too much for it to remove that,” Terry Kraus told CBS. Rather than let his coat migrate back into his closet for the season, instead he will be, “Keeping aware of my surroundings and also just kind of staying in well trafficked areas.”

As of publications, no Goose-nappers have been taken into police custody.