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White House Forges Ahead With Plans for Trump’s SOTU, Defying Pelosi’s Request for a Shutdown Delay

The White House is moving forward with plans for President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Jan. 29, despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request for the speech to be delayed during the partial government shutdown.

A White House staff member emailed the House Sergeant-at-Arms on Sunday to request a previously postponed walk-through in preparation for the SOTU, The Washington Post reports.

“Checking on the postponed SOTU walk-through meeting from last week. Given that we have lost valuable time over the past week my team would like to reschedule the walk-through for this Monday, if at all possible,” Bobby Peede, the White House director of presidential advance, reportedly wrote.

“We understand that the House Chamber may not be available or be in session and would be happy to meet at any time, day or night,” he added.

The walk-through did not happen on Monday, but the Trump administration is continuing to make plans for the SOTU—whether or not it will be delivered in a joint session of Congress, per usual.

Pelosi effectively banned Trump from delivering the speech to Congress when she suggested it be delayed, as both the House and Senate must pass a joint resolution for the event to be scheduled. Pelosi has made no moves indicating she will allow this to happen.

Officials are reportedly considering alternative options, including the delivery of a SOTU at a political rally outside of Washington, CNN reports.