How an Egg Beat Kylie Jenner’s Record and Became the Most Popular Image on Instagram

January 14, 2019, 2:36 PM UTC

Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement for baby Stormi Webster was once the most popular picture on Instagram. But no longer.

Since January 4, people around the globe have been helping a picture of an egg set against a white background become the world’s most popular picture on Instagram. And it’s officially hit that record with a whopping 28.3 million likes, as of this writing. Jenner’s image is now the second-most-liked image on Instagram with 18.3 million likes.

The story behind the egg image is about as mysterious as it gets. A person who hasn’t been identified created the account called “world_record_egg” on Instagram and published the egg image. Its caption made the poster’s intent clear: “let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.”

Soon after, the image went viral and people around the globe started liking the image. Several celebrities, including Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon, promoted the image to boost its likes. BuzzFeed interviewed the person behind the image, who said that they had “stopped drinking for Dry January” and wanted to try something on a Friday night. They went with a challenge to Jenner—a move the person said is “nothing personal.”

Regardless, the egg continues to chalk up likes as more people talk about it. And as with most things in the world of social media, the story needs to grow. Now, the egg has a name: Eugene.