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Here’s How a Second Grader Got to Draw Today’s Google Doodle

The Google Doodle has taken many forms over the years. It’s been used to urge people to vote, to destroy your productivity, and to make people aware of important, but lesser known historical and scientific figures. Today, though, it features a T-Rex playing a trumpet and another dinosaur devouring an ice cream cone. And if that sounds like something a child would draw, you’re absolutely correct.

Sarah Gomez-Lane, a second-grade student from Falls Church, Va., is the artist behind today’s Google Doodle. She was the winner of the company’s Doodle 4 Google contest, letting students submit their own suggestions for ways to showcase the company’s logo.

Gomez-Lane says she wants to be a paleontologist, which is how she came up with the dinosaur-themed logo. (The theme of this year’s contest was “what inspires me”.)

Once her drawing was selected, she worked with Google employees (a first for the program) to create an animated version of the art.

Beyond some major bragging rights, she’ll get $30,000 toward a college scholarship for her Google Doodle. And her school will pick up a $50,000 grant to be spent to improve its technology.