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Trump Claims Most Furloughed Government Workers Are ‘Democrats’

Nearly a week into a U.S. government shutdown, President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that “most of the people not getting paid are Democrats.”

And, similar to many of the president’s tweets, the comments lacked any information backing up his claim.

Previously, Trump claimed that “many” furloughed workers were fine not getting paid during the shutdown as long as it meant that Trump could secure more funding for the border wall. On Christmas, he made the comment that he would not reopen the government until he was able to secure $5 billion for a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border.

The government shutdown is currently expected to carry on into next year.

Democrats along with a number of Republicans have said that they can not support the border wall in part because a wall is an ineffective and inefficient way to secure the border. The wall was one of Trump’s cornerstone platforms during the 2016 election and is a topic he has continuously brought up during his presidency.

The shutdown affects nine of 15 federal departments, dozens of agencies and hundreds of thousands of workers nationwide.