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Google Assistant Can Tell You If Your Flight Will Be Delayed With 85% Confidence

Google Assistant can now notify you if it thinks your flight will be delayed, even before the airline even announces it.

Using historic flight status data and machine learning, Google can predict with 85% certainty whether a particular flight will be delayed. The service was rolled out earlier this year via Google Flights, but now Google Assistant can bring this info straight to your smartphone.

Users can ask questions like, “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or “Hey Google, what’s the status of the American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Denver?” The Assistant will search information such as current flight delays and then notify you.

With the holidays fast approaching, knowing about likely delays before they’re announced can aid travelers in navigating crowded airports. Travelers can technically search for this information on their own, using sites such as FlightAware that track flight statuses, but Google’s service does this for you.