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Instagram Rolls Out New Features for the Visually Impaired

Instagram is about to get a little more accessible.

The social networking giant announced the rollout of a series of new features on Wednesday that are intended to make it easier for those with visual impairments use Instagram. The tools will enable them to hear a description of the photos uploaded to the network.

The first tool utilizes object recognition technology that automatically identifies the contents of a photo and then generates an audio description for the user as they scroll onto the photo. It will be available for photos across the user’s Instagram feed, as well as their own profile, and the explore function.

The second allows users to create custom alternative text, enabling them to create a more detailed description of a photo when it is being uploaded. Those with visual impairments who rely on a screen reader to hear a description of the photo will then hear this version of the alt text as opposed to that which is automatically created by A.I.

The updates will be available starting Wednesday.