Shopify Black Friday Sales Reach $37 Million an Hour

November 24, 2018, 5:45 PM UTC

Online merchants that sell through Shopify generated sales of more than $573 million on Black Friday, exceeding the 2017 total by early afternoon, the e-commerce company said. At the peak, sales reached more than $870,000 a minute, or more than $37 million an hour, according to a Saturday statement from Shopify.

And signs show that consumers are getting increasingly comfortable ordering off of smaller screens. Of the Shopify sales, 63 percent came from phone or tablets with desktops accounting for 37 percent.

What did consumers shop for? Mostly clothes. Best selling products were shirts and tops, pants, coats and jackets, shoes, dresses and bracelets. The average online order size among more than 650,000 merchants was $86.37.