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Harley-Davidson Ready to Amp Up Its Offerings with LiveWire, the Company’s Long-Awaited Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson released further details on Tuesday about its forthcoming, highly anticipated electric-powered motorcycle, the LiveWire.

A production model of the HD LiveWire was unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan on Tuesday. The urban-ready design includes features including seven—or more—riding modes and a fully adjustable Showa suspension, which offers extra control for city riding conditions. Riders will be able to accelerate the all-electric, aluminum frame bike with a twist of the throttle—no clutching or gear shifting necessary.

Harley-Davidson is the nation’s longest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer, known for its ultra-reliable, iconic bikes with the laid-back, feet-up riding position. The LiveWire may look more like a traditional sport motorbike, but make no mistake: it definitely still resembles a Harley. And this could be just the thing to boost the company’s flagging retail sales as it closes out 2018 and heads into a new year of sales possibilities.

When Harley-Davidson unveiled Project LiveWire and the bike’s prototype in June 2014, the company said it needed time to boost the bike’s range of 50 miles per electric charge to closer to 100 miles. After the bikes go on sale for pre-order in January 2019, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how well they hold up against other electric-powered motorcycles already on the market.

Pricing has not been announced.