Lyft Subscription Plan Rolls Out With All-Access Service

October 16, 2018, 12:00 PM UTC

Ride-hailing service Lyft has rolled out a subscription plan nationwide that gives heavy users a potential savings on rides.

For $299 a month, All-Access Plan subscribers get 30 private and shared rides up to $15. If the cost of a ride exceeds $15, customers must pay the difference.

Lyft passengers get a 5% discount on if they go beyond the 30-ride threshold.

Lyft’s new subscription service seems to target riders who use Lyft for commuting or in place of having a personal car altogether, or would like to. The $15 credit for 30 Lyft rides alone is worth $450, making it a deal for frequent riders, but less so for infrequent riders.

“As more affordable and convenient commuting options become available, people will need their personal cars less and our relationship with transportation will change,” Lyft said in a statement. “Lyft believes in transportation as a service—much like you subscribe to Netflix or Amazon.”

Lyft started testing the subscription service in March. In formalizing the plan, it has joined a list of other companies like Amazon and Hulu that have added subscriptions, which lock in customers and make for a more predictable business.

Lyft’s rival Uber has also tested a somewhat similar subscription plan, but it has not expanded the service nationwide. Lyft has hemorrhaged money since its founding in 2012. It’s unclear whether a subscription plan is a money maker or another loss leader to gain new and loyal customers.

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