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PS4 Users Say a Text Message Hack Is Causing Their Consoles to Crash

Multiple PlayStation 4 users are reporting that a PSN text message exploit is causing their consoles to crash, according to Endgadget.

Users have discussed the issue on the r/PS4 Reddit board, where they say they are receiving messages to their consoles through the console’s messaging application, Kotaku reported. Some users said that a factory reset of the device might erase the message and fix the problem, but others said this didn’t work and suggested deleting the message from the PlayStation mobile app, or logging into the account from an internet browser.

In order to protect your hardware from this kind of attack, users are encouraged to change their message settings to receive messages from “friends only” or “no one” under Personal Info/Messages, according to Polygon. The attack has been compared to other text exploits in mobile platforms where users receive a message with a string of characters that can shut down the device. In this case, one user said they received a message containing just a question mark in a box, according to Kotaku.

Neither Sony nor PlayStation have officially confirmed the attack. Fortune has reached out to Sony and PlayStation for comment, and will update this story in the event that they respond.