How to Post 3D Pictures on Facebook

October 12, 2018, 5:39 PM UTC

Now you can upload a 3D photo to Facebook—well, sort of. The social network started rolling out a new “3D Photo” feature Friday, which captures the distance between the foreground and background of a subject in a photo, giving it a 3D look when you’re scrolling through your timeline.

Capturing the photos requires you to have dual-lens camera, specifically an iPhone with Portrait mode. When you snap a shot through Facebook, the social network uses AI to build out the image.

To create your own 3D image of the site, start by creating a new Facebook post. When a new post appears, tap the three dots in the top right corner to bring up an additional menu and then select “3D Photo” to open the iPhone “Portraits” folder where you’ll select the image you’d like to share.

Facebook will show you a preview of what the image will look like that you can check out before you actually share it. When you decide to share, just like other posts, you’ll also be able to add a caption.

Your 3D photos will be viewable by anyone on Facebook, not just those with specific devices. The photos can also be viewed in VR using Oculus Browser on Oculus Go or Firefox on Oculus Rift.