Waze Carpool Launches Across the United States

October 10, 2018, 6:08 PM UTC

Waze’s carpooling service is now available across the United States.

Waze has been testing the service in Israel, California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Nevada. Now it’s rolling out to drivers and riders in all 50 states.

Unlike other ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber, Waze carpool is meant literally for just carpooling to and from work. Drivers and riders are restricted to giving/taking just two rides a day. While riders do pay for that ride, the cost is also restricted to $.54 a mile, the current IRS reimbursement rate.

The idea is not for it to be a second job for the driver, but instead be a way for everyone in the car to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and emissions polluting the air around us.

Also unlike other ride-sharing services, drivers and passengers select who they would like to ride with based on profiles, star ratings, and even “coworkers only” if you only want to travel with people who are going to the same office.

For a limited time, Waze is also offering a bit of an incentive for new users to try the service. When you refer a friends, drivers and riders will get $20 for each referral after that person takes their first ride, up to $200 in total.