What Is Closed (And Open) on Columbus Day 2018

October 6, 2018, 2:00 PM UTC

Columbus Day, honoring explorer Christopher Columbus, falls on the second Monday of October—in 2018, that’s October 8.

Columbus has been somewhat of a divisive figure, and the day named in his honor has been the subject of much debate. While credited with populating North America by some, to others Columbus is seen as a villain who spread disease and war among indigenous people.

Because of this, some states—Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota—do not observe the Columbus Day federal holiday. And, while many businesses recognize Columbus Day, not all of them observe it, and they remain open.

So before you head out this holiday weekend, here’s a list of what is open and closed on Columbus Day 2018:

The Stock Market

U.S. stock markets are open on Columbus Day. Bond markets are closed.


Columbus Day is a bank holiday, so most banks are closed on Columbus Day. However, TD Bank is open. Columbus Day is one of three federal holidays TD Bank remains open for, including Veterans Day and Presidents’ Day.

Businesses and Offices

Columbus Day is not observed as a public holiday everywhere, so most workplaces do not close for the day, but individual companies vary.


Most schools are closed for Columbus Day, but some local districts—and some district offices—stay open.

Mail and Post Offices

Since it is a federal holiday, there is no mail on Columbus Day and post offices are closed. However, UPS recognizes, but does not observe the holiday and will remain open. FedEx also will be open on Monday, but Home Delivery will be closed and SmartPost will have modified service.


Courts are closed on Columbus Day.


Most libraries shut down for Columbus Day.

National Parks

America’s national parks are open on Columbus Day.

State, Federal, and County Offices

Government offices are closed for the federal holiday.