Americans Are Still Divided Over Support for Brett Kavanaugh, Poll Shows

October 1, 2018, 4:51 PM UTC

Americans remain divided on whether or not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a new CBS News/ YouGov poll shows.

Last Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing where both Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of sexual assault, testified. Ford told senators that she is “100%” certain that it was Kavanaugh who attacked her in high school, though he angrily denied the allegations during a tearful testimony.

Kavanaugh’s nomination has been met with opposition from women’s rights advocates. Two women activists confronted GOP Sen. Jeff Flake on Friday morning after he said he would back Kavanaugh, and the Women’s March announced its next action: a global march in January 2019. “They forgot that 5 million women lit the world on fire two years ago,” the organization stated on its website.

But the latest poll to come out after Thursday’s hearing suggests Americans remain divided over support for Kavanaugh. After hearing testimonies from both Kavanaugh and Ford, most of the divisions remain along party lines, according to the CBS News and YouGov poll, with 75% of Republicans believing Kavanaugh should be confirmed, which increased from 69% before the hearing.

On the other hand, Democratic opposition to Kavanaugh boosted from 60% to 68%. When it comes to gender, 41% of men believe Kavanaugh should be confirmed, compared to just 29% of women. Down the line, Republicans are saying they will be disappointed if not downright angry if Kavanaugh is confirmed, according to the poll.