The New Presidential Limo Has Electric Door Handles, Tear Gas, and a Fridge Full of Blood

September 26, 2018, 3:42 PM UTC

When most people get a new car, it’s not exactly headline news. When Donald Trump does, it’s a different story.

The presidential limo Trump rode to his United Nations speech Tuesday was an updated version of the car and is loaded with even more defensive technology than its predecessor.

Dubbed “The Beast” once again, the full capabilities of the limo, a 2018 Cadillac, are (of course) a secret. The Secret Service doesn’t detail too much about what the car can withstand and do for obvious reasons.

That doesn’t mean it’s a complete mystery, though. The president, for example, reportedly sits on a bench covered in dark blue cloth (rather than leather) with a folding desk separating him from his companion on the ride, the Detroit Free Press reports.

It can take a beating under attack, too. The exterior armor plating is said to be eight inches thick and the bulletproof windows are five inches thick. The tires, roughly the same size as those on a bus, can run for miles even if they’re flat. And the interior can be sealed in the event of a chemical attack.

The fuel tank is protected by a special foam that shields it in case of an attack.

Other features include a night vision system, door handles that can shock someone trying to get inside and, in a James Bond-like touch, the ability to fire tear gas or a smokescreen and lay down an oil slick, NBC News reports.

It also reportedly has a refrigerator full of blood that matches Trump’s type.

The Beast 2.0 was initially commissioned in 2014. This week marked its public debut.