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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Addresses Trump, Brexit, and #MeToo

British Prime Minister Theresa May offered her views on everything from President Donald Trump and Brexit to the #MeToo movement in a wide-ranging interview with CBS News ahead of the start of the UN General Assembly.

When asked whether May trusts Trump when he tells her something, May initially equivocated, saying, “of course I listen to what the American president tells me.”

Pressed further, May added, “I mean, we work together. We have a special relationship,” noting that this relationship has been created over a number of years. In particular, May pointed to Trump’s follow through after the Salisbury attack took place. Trump reportedly told May that he would expel Russian intelligence officers residing the U.S., and “he did it.”

On Brexit, host John Dickerson asked whether May feels “humiliated” by the EU’s response to the U.K.’s proposal. But May asserted that she feels the British government has put forward a “credible proposal” that seeks to both ensure a positive trade relationship and the protection of of the people in Northern Ireland’s interests.

But May also noted that Brexit isn’t the only issue on the government’s plate. “It’s a historic moment for the U.K. leaving the European Union. But there’s much else that we’re dealing with as well,” she said.

On being a woman leader, May denied facing a different standard than men, except that “rather more attention is paid to our clothes than perhaps to the male leaders.” And while May said she herself has “never experienced” anything akin to the revelations of the #MeToo movement, she noted that “the abuse of power is a real one which the #MeToo movement has uncovered.”

“I want a situation where actually we don’t see that effective abuse of power, that we actually see people able to feel comfortable in their employment, to feel comfortable in their relationships, and not fear and not worry about what might be going to happen to them,” she said.