Apple Event: Watch the Live Stream of the Latest iPhone Release Here

September 12, 2018, 1:14 PM UTC

On the one year anniversary of the iPhone X reveal, Apple is holding a live event on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. PT at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Calif. If you can’t make it to the Apple headquarters, don’t fret—instead join the masses who will be watching the Apple iPhone event live stream. But first, read up on what to expect from the newest iPhone release.

This year, Apple is making it easier than ever before to watch the Apple iPhone event. You can live stream the iPhone release here on, or if you want to watch it another way, here’s how to access the official Apple live event video feeds:

Watch on your computer

In the past, Apple has been a bit persnickety about which web browsers it would let access its Apple event live streams. Basically, it was Safari or bust. But this time around it is opening the firewalls up to all manner of viewers, whether they are on iOS or Windows 10, or browsing the web with Google Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge. Simply point your browser to the Apple Special Event web page, and you’ll be able to watch the live stream. You can also watch the event live on and Fortune‘s Facebook page.

Watch on Twitter

This year, Apple is trying a new way to reach viewers by letting them watch the live stream of the iPhone release via Twitter. All you need to do to watch the Apple event live on Twitter is to favorite the tweet below, and be available to receive the updates from Apple’s Twitter account when the time comes. Twitter is a great place to watch an Apple event live, because Twitter users from around the globe are commenting on the presentation, cheering latest and greatest specs and groaning over the Apple executives’ jokes.

Watch on your Apple TV

The easiest way to watch an Apple live event is to stream it on an Apple TV—if you have one handy. The clever marketing geniuses at Apple have pre-installed a Apple Events app on every Apple TV running the latest tvOS. Simply opening the app will start the live stream, giving viewers a much better experience than watching it on their iPhone, or on a small window on a computer.

Watch on your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes the best computer is the one you’ve got in your hand, and Apple makes it easy to watch its iPhone release events on iOS through mobile Safari. To watch on your iPhone or iPad, just tap this link which will take you to the Apple Special Event web page. Once there, press the play button, and enjoy the full-screen, live stream experience, wherever you want to watch it.

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