Apple Watch Series 4 Makes Its Debut at iPhone Event

September 12, 2018, 5:30 PM UTC

Apple kicked off its big event on September 12 discussing the future one of its two “most personal devices:” Apple Watch.

During its big confab at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, Apple showcased the new Apple Watch Series 4. The device’s design has been modified a bit with a new display that runs from one edge to the other and curves to the side. Overall, its screen sizes are up to 35% larger.

On the software side, Apple has revamped its apps to make them fit the new screen. Complications, or the apps you can quickly access at the same time, have also been added, so you can check messages, see the time, and evaluate calendar events all in the same pane.

New watch faces have also made their way to the Apple Watch Series 4. According to Apple, the watch faces are designed to interact with the screen with features that bounce off the sides.

But the Series 4 isn’t only about the display. The device’s digital crown on the side has a new haptic feedback feature to make it feel like a better wheel. It also comes with a new speaker that’s louder to facilitate better phone call sound.

Inside, you’ll find a new S4 processor that has dual-core processing power and should offer two-times better performance than the previous model.

Arguably the Series 4’s most interesting feature is a new heart sensor that can perform an electrocardiogram from your wrist. Apple even brought the American Heart Association’s president and practicing cardiologist Ivor Benjamin on stage to tout the feature and its ability to evaluate your heart and find risks to possible heart issues.

Apple Watch Series 4 has the same battery life as the previous model, allowing for 18 hours on a single charge. Apple was also quick to note that it’s designed the device to encrypt all of your data so your health and other information isn’t readily accessible by just anyone.

The Series 4 is available in silver, gold, space gray in aluminum. There are also polished and space black versions available with stainless steel. A gold stainless steel is a new finish coming to the Apple Watch Series 4. All bands that worked in previous models still fit the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS started at $399 and the cellular model will start at $499. If you want last year’s Apple Watch Series 3, you can get it for $279 starting today.

The Series 4 will be available for order on September 14 and will hit store shelves on September 21.

Updated at 1:34 p.m. ET with additional details.