Seth Rogen Replaces Morgan Freeman as New Voice of Vancouver Transit

July 27, 2018, 2:26 PM UTC

The voice of Seth Rogen will soon be greeting commuters aboard Vancouver’s transit system, as part of a much-anticipated collaboration between the actor and TransLink.

In a video released on the TransLink YouTube channel Thursday, Rogen revealed that beginning next week, his voice will give etiquette announcements on SkyTrain platforms, SkyTrains and buses across the region.

“I’m very proud to be from Vancouver and I grew up taking public transit my whole life, and I still use public transit when I’m in the city,” said Rogen in the video.

The collaboration comes after actor Morgan Freeman’s voice announcements were scrapped in May amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Freeman’s announcements were recorded as part of a collaboration with Visa, celebrating the introduction of tap-to-pay services onboard TransLink vehicles.

Rogen was initially nominated to be the voice behind the announcement by Vancouver Sun reporter Stephanie Ip, who suggested on Twitter that Rogen record transit stop announcements accompanied by his signature laugh.

Shortly after, Rogen agreed to voice the announcements free of charge, with TransLink paying for studio time and editing services, the Vancouver Sun reported.

“Any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take,” said Rogen.