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Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer Says Michael Cohen Taped More of His Conversations With Trump

July 23, 2018, 10:43 AM UTC

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen may not have recorded only one conversation with the president.

At least according to Michael Avenatti, that is.

The attorney for Stormy Daniels appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, and told host George Stephanopoulos that the tape of the conversation discussing Trump’s hush payments to Daniels is not the only one.

“This is not the only tape,” Avenatti said. “I can tell you that for a fact. There’s multiple tapes.”

“That, ultimately, is going to prove to be a big problem for the president,” he continued. “You know, that old adage, ‘You’ve lived by the sword, you die by the sword,’ is going to be true in this case, because the president knew that his attorney, Michael Cohen, had a predisposition toward taping conversations with people.”

Avenatti added that he knows “the substance of some of the tapes.”

This is not the first time that Avenatti has suggested that there could be multiple recordings of conversations Trump and Cohen have had, but his claim has yet to be substantiated.

Nevertheless, Avenatti seems particularly confident of the existence of additional tapes, telling Stephanopoulos that if he’s wrong, “why don’t we have Mr. Trump or his attorneys come forward today, right now, and claim there are no other tapes.”

When Trump defender Alan Dershowitz, who also appeared on the segment, pressed Avenatti on how he would have obtained access to the tapes, Avenatti claimed that, “All of the information that the FBI seized, that’s not under lock and key.”

“The only way that it would be improper for me to have it would be if I got it from the FBI or somebody in law enforcement,” he continued. Avenatti proceeded to suggest that there were a number of ways he could have obtained the information, including from Cohen himself.

One of Cohen’s attorneys denied to ABC that Cohen had shared any information with Avenatti. It remains to be seen whether Avenatti’s assertion about the existence of other tapes is factual.