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Apple Releases 3rd iOS 12 Beta to Everyone. Here’s What’s New

Apple’s public iOS 12 beta just got an update.

If you were wondering whether now is the time to take a chance and try out the new operating system before it’s rolled out, this is everything you need to know about what actually got updated.

The latest beta version smooths out some scrolling issues and expands the list of animated activity stickers iOS 12 adds. In addition, wallpaper change issues are fixed, according to AppleInsider. Meanwhile, Screen Time, Apple’s new tool to measure measure how (and how often) people use their phones now has individual app pages—and app cellular use is now ranked by usage rather than alphabetically. There are a few small aesthetic changes as well, in the activity app, on the iPad, and in the Control Center.

A word of warning: by the very nature of this beta iOS, there are still bugs to work out, which means your device and apps may crash. There’s also a definite need to back up your device before updating, and there’s always the risk of some data being lost.