Here Are the Best (and Worst) States to Retire

July 12, 2018, 5:55 PM UTC

If you’re thinking about retirement — or just dreaming about it — you might be wondering where you should land. Now, we have some answers.

In a roundup of the best and worst states to retire to in the U.S., Bankrate analyzed a variety of metrics, including cost of living, crime, culture, health care quality, and weather. Each of the seven categories were weighted and data was taken from a variety of government and education sources to arrive at a score. And when it was all said and done, South Dakota came out on top as the best state for you to retire to when it’s time.

South Dakota, which earned the top spot for well-being and second place for taxes, was followed by Utah, Idaho, and New Hampshire. Florida took the fifth spot.

In addition to analyzing the top states, Bankrate determined which states might be worst for retirees. And unfortunately for those in the northeast, New York landed at the bottom, due in large part to its cost of living being higher than any other state in the union. New York’s taxes are also among the worst.

Also toward the bottom were New Mexico, Maryland, and Louisiana. Arkansas was slightly worse than California.

Bankrate has published its full list of the best and worst states for retirement. You can also see each state’s rankings in the seven categories they were ranked on.