Canadians Are Boycotting U.S. Goods in #BuyCanadian Campaign

July 5, 2018, 3:56 PM UTC

As President Trump’s trade wars heat up around the globe, Canadians are taking a stand for their nation. Canadian network CTV reported that shoppers and travelers are boycotting both U.S. goods and getaways, posting to Twitter with hashtags like #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts, and #BoycottUSA, following remarks made by Trump about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian citizens are refusing to buy U.S. goods and avoiding U.S. brands like Starbucks, Walmart, and McDonald’s. While the International Trade Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce reported Canadian tourists spent nearly $20 million in the U.S. in 2016, many are choosing to vacation in their home country this year. One traveler even stating the U.S. is “not a safe place to visit right now.”

Americans are speaking out on Twitter too, sending support to those participating in the boycott in Canada.

The push-back from the north began after President Trump feuded with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at last month’s G7 summit. While Trudeau called the U.S. tariffs on Canadian goods “insulting and unacceptable,” Trump called Trudeau “dishonest and weak.”

It’s uncertain how much of an impact the Canadian boycotts will have on U.S. markets, but Canada is one of the U.S.’s biggest trade partners. The U.S. census reported that Americans exported $98.9 billion worth of goods just in the first four months of 2018. Last year, exports surpassed $282 billion.