Netflix Is Testing a More Expensive Ultra HD Plan

July 4, 2018, 11:32 AM UTC

Netflix is becoming increasingly valuable, so it is perhaps not surprising to see the video-streaming companies testing new pricing tiers that could see users ponying up more cash for very high-quality services.

As first noted on Tuesday by the Italian blog Tutto Android, some users in Europe are seeing a new price tier called “Ultra” that, as the name partially indicates, allows users to simultaneously run Ultra HD video and audio across four devices.

This Ultra level is priced at €16.99 ($19.78) per month, which is €3 more than the Premium tier that already supports Ultra HD content and four screens. And yes, that would suggest that Premium users would be downgraded to using two devices at once rather than four.

PhoneArena claims some Italian users are already seeing promotional material that describes Premium thusly, and that show the Standard plan, which currently allows streaming across two devices simultaneously, being downgraded to one device.

CNET got confirmation from Netflix that the company is “testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.”

However, Netflix (NFLX) told the tech publication that the test would be limited to some users rather than all, and that the company may not end up offering the tiers that it’s testing. Reports also suggest that Netflix has been testing out different price levels for the Ultra tier, such as €19.99 rather than €16.99, so it’s a very much a case of “stay tuned.”