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Republicans Have Higher Opinion of Kim Jong-Un Than Nancy Pelosi, Poll Says

Republicans prefer North Korea leader Kim Jong-un to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), according to a new report.

In a poll of approximately 1,000 adults conducted on between June 14 and June 15, 19% of self-identified Republicans said that they have a favorable view of Kim Jong-un. That was enough to inch out Pelosi, whose favorability rating with Republicans stood at 17%, according to the Daily Beast, which commissioned the poll from Ipsos. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans had an unfavorable view of Kim, compared to 72% for Pelosi.

Overall, regardless of political affiliation, Kim earned a 12% favorability rating, which was far behind Pelosi’s favorability rating when non-Republicans were included in to the calculation.

The survey was conducted just days after Kim and President Donald Trump met in Singapore to improve relations between the countries. The meeting was equally celebrated and criticized by people on both sides of the political spectrum. And the survey’s results suggest the divide between Democrats and Republicans on a variety of other topics is just as substantial.

Trump’s favorability rating among Republicans, for instance, stood at 83%, compared to 10% among Democrats. And while only 20% of Democrats believe the “mainstream media is biased against President Donald Trump,” 87% of Republicans believe that’s the case, according to The Daily Beast.

But if there’s one winner in the survey, it’s former President George W. Bush. When he left office in 2008, his favorability ratings were at historic lows. Now, though, his favorability rating stands at 63%.