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Blunts, BBQ and Creme Brulee: Here’s What Pyros Are Torching With Elon Musk’s ‘Not a Flamethrower’

June 11, 2018, 7:22 PM UTC

This weekend Elon Musk held a pickup party at Boring Company headquarters for his flamethrower, which for legal reasons is officially called “Not-a-Flamethrower.” At the party for the $500 flamethrower, guests used their new toys to toast marshmallows.

While some of Musk’s devices are already for sale on eBay, the people who kept their flamethrowers are using them for some pretty interesting things:

Some people used the “Not a Flamethrower” to really flamebroil their steaks:

While others used the flamethrower to toast the top of creme brûlée…

And then there’s this guy who appears to have lit up something else with his flamethrower…

Musk’s Boring Company sold 20,000 of the flamethrowers to the public. This weekend’s event only distributed the first 1,000, but as more and more of the flamethrowers get out into circulation, we’ll inevitably see a lot more interesting things being burned — and probably a few unexpected things as well.

One Not a Flamethrower buyer claims to have actually set his flamethrower on fire:

Then there’s this guy, who is just shooting his flamethrower in his heavily wooded backyard. What could possibly go wrong?