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New Emoji Including a Waffle, Parachute, and Oyster May Be Coming to Your Phone

Emoji of sloths, flamingos, yo-yos, butter, and falafels may be coming to your phone next year.

Unicode, the governing body that is responsible for approving new emoji released a new list of around 50 new emoji candidates. They include a motorized wheelchair, an axe, a yawning face, a waffle, parachute, and an oyster

Unicode Consortium, the group behind maintaining the emoji language, has no control over what emoji you’ll see added to your phone, it just approves or denies new emoji from being added to the language, similar to how a new word might be added to the dictionary. In the end, it’s up to Apple and Google to decide what to include when they launch new versions of their mobile operating systems.

Although the new emoji will be added to the emoji language in March 2019 as part of Unicode Version 12.0, they may not be available on your phone until later, if at all.

Unicode 11, announced in February, included a highly-anticipated red-haired emoji, as well as a bagel, stick of dynamite, and a hiking boot to the emoji language. That red head is set to make her debut in the language on June 5 but will likely not arrive on phones until much later this year.