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Netflix Is Now Worth More Than Comcast And Is Almost Beating Disney

Netflix passed Comcast in market value on Wednesday, signaling another win for the streaming service as it continues to compete with traditional television.

The video streaming company also reached a record high stock price, gaining 4% on Wednesday for a total market cap of $149 billion. Comcast, on the other hand, fell close to 2% and ended the day with a market cap of $147 billion.

The new market value puts Netflix just under Disney’s market cap of $153 billion. Many expect Netflix could soon surpass the media giant as it continues to have a strong year.

The company’s stock has gone up 70% since January, and surpassed expectations for its first quarter earnings report.

It has also earned attention with new high-profile deals like its announcement this week of a multi-year agreement with former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. While some fans threatened to boycott the service over the news, it was largely seen as a sign of the company’s power and ability to attract big-name talent.