Discontinued Ford Sedans Through the Years in Photos

April 26, 2018, 5:24 PM UTC

Ford announced it will no longer make traditional sedan models in an effort to save costs and focus on SUVs. Ford plans to trim their car portfolio in North America to only two models: the sporty Mustang and the new crossover Focus Active starting in 2019.

So, which Ford sedans will be phased out? Ford will no longer be making the mid-size Fusion sedan (starting price of $22,215) and the full-size Taurus sedan (starting price of $27,690). The Fiesta and C-Max Hybrid sedans will also see the boot.

Though the trimming seems intense, this isn’t the first time Ford has phased out vehicles in its 115 years of innovating the automobile industry.

The first model of the Fiesta sedan was introduced in 1978 but was soon discontinued after two short years. With its re-introduction in 2011, the Fiesta is now officially over. The most times Ford phased in and out a specific model goes to its Fairlane models. First introduced in 1955, Fairline models have been in and out of production 19 times, while Ford’s LTD models have been phased in and out 17 times.

Check out the gallery above for a look at the models Ford has discontinued throughout the years.