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14 Million People Waited Until the Last Minute to File Their Taxes

If you procrastinated on filing your taxes this year, you’re in pretty good company.

On Wednesday, the IRS said that it had received 14 million tax submissions between when its digital processing systems reopened late Tuesday afternoon and 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. There was an early morning outage on Tuesday, which was the official due date for taxes, but that means at least 14 million people waited until those final moments to send things in, The Washington Post reports.

The reason for all those last-minute submissions is likely because many of us are afraid we might owe the government more than we’d like and are dreading the moment when we find out what that dollar amount might be.

And those numbers only account for the number of people who actually submitted their taxes when they were supposed to. Each year, a number of taxpayers also apply for an extension on filing their taxes. In 2015, 13 million people asked for an extension on filing their taxes, reports FiveThirtyEight, and a good number of those filers waited right until that Oct. 15 deadline in order to do so. This year, even the president asked for a little extra time.